Together Towards Better Obstetrics

We have been working for a long time to improve the environment of Czech obstetrics. With this goal we wrote this project. Because of this project, we will help victims of involuntary sterilizations, victims of obstetric violence, and we will also educate students and health professionals. The project was created in cooperation with the organization Life Together and is realized from the beginning of November 2021 until the end of November 2023.

Activities and Outputs

Center for Victims of Involuntary Sterilizations

A center for victims of involuntary sterilizations will be established in Ostrava, where will Elena Gorolová lead a five-member team. She herself is one of the victims and she has been the head of an association fighting for justice for many years. The victims will be compensated after 18 long years of fighting. At the center, we will assist victims with claims for compensations and the documentation for this claim.

Center for Victims of Obstetric Violence

The second center will serve the victims of current obstetric violence and will be established in Brno. We will help women whose rights were violated during pregnancy, childbirth or the puerperium. Obstetric violence is a long-standing problem that has been named in recent years by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, and most recently, the obstetrics violence was mentioned by the Government Office in its latest Gender Equality Strategy. for the years 2021-2030 (

Summer schools

In 2022 and 2023, there will be two summer schools for university students. It will be a multidisciplinary summer school, so it will be intended for those interested who are studying various fields (law, medicine, psychology and other).


As part of the project, we will prepare seminars for health professionals in three interrelated areas: law, psychology and communication, and evidence-based care. The seminars will have two forms; firstly, there will be personal interactive seminars, and secondly, we will shoot online training modules with the same content. The seminars will be prepared by experts on the given topics.

The project "CONFRONTING OBSTETRIC VIOLENCE" was supported
by the Norway Grants. Thank you!

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